Living on Big Dreams

Every time my state’s lottery commission announces that new scratch offs tickets worth millions of dollars have been sent to the stores in my area, I’m tempted to buy up a large supply in hopes of finding the jackpot and quitting my job.  This time of year, when the days are shorter, and the weather is a lot colder, I tend to fantasize about getting away to a tropical paradise like Hawaii, Cuba or anywhere it’s sunny and the temperature stays around 75 degrees.   I’ve even rehearsed my resignation speech – and it would be a speech.  I’d go on about all the friends I’d made, the great projects we’ve worked on and the award-winning proposals and winning bids that have kept us afloat.  I’d talk about the early days of my career and the problems I encountered with this boss and that department head.  I’d remind them of the business I’ve brought in, and how many accounts I’ve kept from walking away.  But the purpose of the speech would not be to intimidate anyone, nor would I be mean or rude.  I’d simply be waiting for my confirmation from Apple Vacations that my travel plans had been confirmed, then I’d get up and leave.

I’d use Apple because I have always relied on them to give me the best options, best service and to provide a first-class experience at budget prices.  I wouldn’t be extravagant if I won the lottery.  I would probably buy everyone at work a nice gift, like a cruise that I would have arranged through Apple Vacations, because they go everywhere.  Cabo San Lucas, the Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Cuba, and to the most secluded areas of the Caribbean.  I’ve enjoyed their all-inclusive resorts so much, I’d probably spend lots of time at them.  And when it was time to return home, I’d let Apple handle those arrangements, too.

I’d use a Groupon coupon to save money on all my plans because I know how quickly lottery winners burn through their money.  On average, a lottery winner goes broke in less than five years.  I wouldn’t let that happen to me.  I’d continue to make great deals and bring in lucrative accounts.  Because the first thing I’d do quit my job, but the second thing I’d do is buy the company and fire the president.