Jazz up the Décor in your Dining Room

Are you planning a dinner party or a large gathering of friends and realize your dining room is less than welcoming? If you don’t use it frequently, it’s understandable that it may have become a resting spot for papers, items to return and stacks of clutter. It’s time to breathe new life into the space. You don’t need a giant budget or the expensive skills of an interior designer to achieve a welcoming and warm vibe in a room that’s intended to be the backdrop for wonderful meals and memories to last a lifetime. Follow these simple guidelines from the interior design professionals and you can jazz up your tired dining room space in a mere weekend.

Start by clearing out the space. If some pieces are too large to move, cover them with tarps or large sheets. Prepare the walls for painting. Select a light, soft color that compliments the colors in the rooms within the sight lines of the dining room. Prep the walls for painting by spackling any holes or dents. Upon completion of painting, select window treatment panels using the awesome deals available with  Groupon coupons from Home Decorators Collection and hang them two to three inches below the ceiling height. This will serve to draw the eye upwards and increase the sense of volume in the space. This is a little known designer trick. Proper scale in a dining room is often hard to achieve. Between a large dining table and potentially a large china hutch or sideboard, there’s often little space remaining. Avoid the temptation to return smaller furniture pieces to the room.  For comfortable seating, there should be at least three feet of unobstructed space from the back of each dining chair.

Finally, select artwork that is reflective of your taste and compliments the color palette and furnishings in the space.  Soften the ceiling lighting by replacing the existing bulbs with low wattage soft white bulbs. Congratulations to you for jazzing up the décor in your dining room space!